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Barbara-Joyce Reed, M. Ed., has been channeling privately and publically for over 2 decades.  Her interest in metaphysics, psychology, and philosophy has continued throughout her adult life, but began as a young child.  Her training has included graduate study in counseling, Dimensional Mind Approach, Silva Mind Control, Wholistic Breathing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Tai Chi, Reiki, Self-Awareness  Journaling, Sound balancing  and Shamanic energy techniques.
Barbara-Joyce is a graduate of the University of NH, from which she holds  a Masters of Education in Counseling degree.  She has worked as a human services administrator and advocate for over 32 years.  During this time she also managed a part-time intuitive counseling practice, conducting private sessions, groups and workshops related to the paranormal and spirituality.
She is the mother of 2 children and lives in Central New Hampshire. 
What individuals receiving readings have to say:
"At times in my life when I felt lost and in need of guidance, having an intuitive reading with Barbara-Joyce would bring insight and self-awareness.  This gave me  courage to be open to the unfoldment of my life with hope, excitement and anticipation."
 -Norm Hillsgrove 
"A deep and broad wisdom speaks through Barbara-Joyce, making observations, questioning, conversing, engaging in dialogue, even developing whole paragraphs and longer cohesive sets of material. One feels as one listens to the questions and answers, that we humans are conscious of only the most superficial aspects of ourselves.  Through such work as Barbara-Joyce is doing, we may begin to learn how to tap our own more capacious selves.  Yet a reading never has a sense of straining after impossible goals, for the voice that speaks is that of being, patient, serene and kindly, for whom the sitter's personal growth and development is a matter of great joy.  One has a sense of an infinite number of doors to be opened, of being convinced that there are no dead-ends."
-Steve Thomas 
"Barbara-Joyce's readings have provided me with understanding of events in my life.  They have alluded to what needs to take place for a clearing of Spiritual growth; announced loudly, albeit elusive at times to my conscious self, the throes of imminent/ongoing initiation."
"Barbara-Joyce is a gifted channeler whose readings provide enlightening and purposeful guidance and relevant past life information.  Each time I have a reading with Barbara-Joyce, I am deeply moved by the love, compassion, and healing energy that comes from her spirit guides and Barbara-Joyce, herself.  These readings can be an  experience of communion.
 -Gloria-Jean Leighton 
What is Channeling and what happens in a session? 
Channeling is an opportunity to experience and communicate with an expanded viewpoint and energy that typically presents as a non-physical being or group of beings, whose role is to guide and teach those of us on the earthly, material plane.  They help us to understand an expanded meaning behind the events of our lives, our relationships, struggles and successes as well as barriers.  They also exist to expose us to other possibilities and perspectives, encouraging us to grow personally and spiritually, helping us to remember who we really are.    The non-physical beings are often referred to as guides or specifically known  historical figures, groups, even deceased loved ones.  Beings can seem to be evolved to various levels beyond the physical, with a much more whole concept and understanding of our experiences. 
Barbara-Joyce experiences a group of guides that identify themselves as The Council of Light  and she expriences them as angel and archangel like Presences. As with all situations in life, she believes that each individual is responsible for the choices that he/she makes, and that includes utilization and acceptance of content received in a session.  "Some things just feel incredibly right and whole, other's don't .  For those that don't, I may have completely misinterpreted, gotten my own personality based perceptions mixed in, or it's simply not time in the context of one's current life situation, to accept what is given.  I encourage each person to use what is helpful and forget the rest.  It's also important to listen to the tapes over time, as some things will become more relevant as one's life unfolds.  The most valuable part of a session is an energy that seems to plant seeds that can open untapped potentials within each person, to utilize as they choose. "
Excerpt from a Channeling Session
"We are living in a time when the whole universe in lining up to direct human beings to realize an internal intimate relationship with the Creator.  Slowly but surely all external props and supports are seeming to fail...both on an individual level and globally.  All of this is to get you to search inward, to feel the living Presence of God while alive in the human body.  This is the Homecoming, the conscious realization of the Presence of Divine Spirit in Matter.  There is no Other.....and the whole of what IS is Love. "
 "The most valuable part of any session is not so much the content, although that is helpful, but rather, an Energy that seems to flow through from the Source.  This Energy creates a sensation of grace, gentle compassion, respect, hope and clarity.  It opens indiviuals to their deepest Divine resource and reveals each individual's preciousness and creativity."
 "It is always my prayer that individuals will come away from a session with a deep sense of being loved by something greater than who they percieve themselves to be and that through the experience, they will open to the possibility that they are a part of this "something greater".
"Everyone's living experience is profoundly important, as each experience is imprinted in the collective unconsciousness/consciousness.  This means that everyone's efforts towards balance and wholesomeness makes the experience a bit more accessible to everyone, a great mission, indeed."
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