Channeling The Heart - Intuitive Readings
Barbara-Joyce Reed, M.Ed.
Masters of Education in Counseling
Private Sessions:   $85/Hr.
Bring blank cassette tape and list of questions/topics to be addressed. 
Group Sessions:  Price Negotiated
Workshops:  Price Negotiated
Developing Intuition
Shaping Reality
Stress Management
Entity and Emotion Clearing 
or at
All Elements Healing Therapies
51 S. Main St.
 Concord, NH  03301 
In Person Reading-N.E. Area
One Hr. In Person Session
Price: $85.00
In Person Reading-Outside N.E.
One Hr. In Person Session
Price: $125.00
Telephone Session N.E. Region
One Hr. Telephone Session
Price: $85.00
Telephone Session Outside N.E.
One Hr. Telephone Session
Price: $125.00
Questions Submitted
Limited Questions Submitted via Email for Meditation per 1/2 hr.
Price: $40.00
Extended Sessions or Donations
Add'l Contributions-1/2 hr. or designated units
Price: $40.00
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